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The Wyoming Area Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying public dollars with private support in order to drive larger improvement projects in the Wyoming Area School District. We seek to engage alumni, current students, faculty, and staff through fundraising initiatives, events, and other meaningful opportunities in an effort to make the district the best it can be.

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The Wyoming Area Foundation invites you to Take A Seat!

Are you a WA alum? Have you once sat in the auditorium for a concert, Class Day, play, or student meeting? Make your mark, and a memory, as part of our effort to replace the seats in the Secondary Center Auditorium.

There are three levels of support:

  • Gold $500 sponsorship: Choose a seat in the auditorium from a priority group of seats close to the stage, with the option to engrave a name of your choosing on the seat plaque

  • Green $250 sponsorship: Choose a seat in the auditorium from a grouping of seats outside of the Gold section, with the option to engrave a name of your choosing on the seat plaque
  • White $100 sponsorship: Choose a name to engrave on a bronze plaque that will be affixed in a display outside the auditorium

Seats will be chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that sponsoring a seat does not guarantee that seat will be yours during any events in the auditorium. Sign up now at the form below!

* All contributions to the Wyoming Area Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Current Board Members:

Cassandra Coleman – President
Sherman Mead – Vice President
Rhonda Pizano – Secretary
Renee Pizano – Treasurer
Len Pribula – President Elect
Damien Rutkoski
Christine Rutledge
Dave Alberigi (School Board Member)
Mike Supey (School Board Member)
Kirby Kunkle (School Board Member)
Sara Pokorny (Community Member)
Ashley Aritz Moska (Community Member)


We are seeking to fill three Community Member seats on the board. If interested, please fill out the contact form below.

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