All Chromebooks will be collected at the end of the 2024 school year as follows...

Secondary Center

1.  Chromebooks will be collected in Homeroom  WITHOUT THE POWER CORD unless you are not returning for the 24-25 school year.

2.  Grades 7-11 will be returning their device in their Homeroom and forms will be available.

3.  Please fill out the Student Chromebook Collection Inventory Sheet and place inside of the Chromebook.

4.  Seniors are returning their device and power cord in the Technology Office at the Secondary.

Intermediate Center

1.  Chromebooks will be collected in Homeroom WITHOUT THE POWER CORD unless you are not returning for the 24-25 school year.

2.  Please fill out the Student Chromebook Collection Inventory Sheet and place inside of the Chromebook.

Primary Center

1.  Please return all Chromebooks and Power Cords to the Homeroom teacher.

2.  First Grade devices are already in carts so they won't need to be collected.

Kindergarten Center

No return required.  All Chromebooks are in assigned classroom carts.




Chromebook Information

HP 11 G8 EE Chromebook

1   All students in grades 1-11 will received an assigned Chromebook. 

2.   Each student will follow the WASD Technology Use Agreement.  This agreement states the terms of usage for the Chromebook.  

3.  Each student will be required to follow the district's Acceptable Use Policy 815 for use of the Internet, Computers, and Network Resources.

3.  The district will be charging for lost or misplaced power cords and any Chromebook damages for the 2023-2024 school year.  We are going to offer Chromebook insurance through Worth Avenue Group and information is available below.  Insurance will cover any accidental damages to the Chromebook but not lost or stolen power cords.

4.  We encourage students NOT to bring your power cords to school.  There is no need to if the device is charged nightly.   Average battery life on a Chromebook should exceed the school day based on usage so charge your devices at home.

5.  Do NOT deface or decorate your Chromebooks in any way.  The district has provided labels to identify each Chromebook and student with their NAME, STUDENT ID, and WASD GOOGLE LOGIN name.  Most of our Chromebook fleet is also UV printed with a label on the bottom of the device with the CHROMEBOOK NAME (Ex. WASD25-1234) and  SERIAL# (Ex. 5CD025F89G).

6.  The district does not implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy at this time.  Students MUST use district issued Chromebooks only and they are not permitted to bring personal Chromebooks, MacBook or Windows laptops, iPads, etc.  The only approved student devices are cell phones on our Guest network.  Any student caught any aforementioned personal device besides a cell phone will be issued a warning and the personal device will be confiscated until the end of the school day.

Worth Avenue Group Logi

Click Worth Avenue Group About Us for more information on the services they provide.

Click the Worth Avenue Group Policy Flyer 2023-2024 for the link to purchase, policy information, coverages, terms, etc. 

To purchase the insurance, scroll down and fill out the IT Department Contact Page below and provide each student(s) name and serial number for each device.

The cost to cover any issued district Chromebook is $27 for the 2023-2024 school year.  You will need the Chromebook to order insurance to fill out the Serial Number.  An example is listed below and most of our Chromebooks have this information printed on a label on the bottom of the Chromebook.

Chromebook Name/Serial#

Frequently Asked Questions…


1.     What if I purchased the insurance which covers accidental damages and the Chromebook just stops working? 

If the Chromebook is returned for repair to the IT Department and shows no sign of damages, we will attempt to be repair in house.  If it cannot be repaired, we will issue an equivalent replacement Chromebook and notify Worth Avenue to swap Serial# on your policy so you will be covered on the replacement device issued.

2.     What if my power cord is lost or stolen? 

The district will issue a replacement power cord and the student/parent will be responsible for the replacement cost which is $20.00.

3.      Do I have to purchase the insurance?

NO.   The insurance is optional but encouraged.  The cost of replacement parts is as follows…

11” Chromebook display - $40.00          Keyboard Assembly - $30.00        Hinge Assemble - $50.00

Motherboard - $50.00                              Hinge Cover - $5.00                       Screen Bezel - $10.00


How do I pay if I'm charged for repairs?

When Chromebooks are returned for repairs and it's determined that they were damaged, this is normally a chargeable item.  We apply the FEE in CSIU and the household Guardians will receive an automated email with the charge amount.  Cash or Check can be sent to the following...

Wyoming Area School District


252 Memorial Street

Exeter, PA  18643


4.       How will I know if I will be charged for any Chromebook damages or replacement power cords?

On the WASD parent / student portal, there’s a FEES tab.  We will enter the fee on the student’s profile and an email notification will be sent to any household parent/guardians via CSIU registered email addresses.  

           Can a student bring in their own laptop or Chromebook?

NO.   For security reasons, the district doesn't offer a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.  Students MUST use district provided technology.

IT Contact / Insurance Request Form

Please use the following online form to contact the Technology Department or submit a request to order Chromebook / Device Insurance for the 2023-2024 School Year at a cost of $27 per Chromebook.  The details on what is covered is on the Worth Avenue 2023-2024 Insurance Flyer.  There's a link in the flyer to order from a portal but that link is unavailable and expired so please submit your request below.  In the message form, please provide each student(s) name and corresponding Serial# for the device you wish to purchase for.  Once requested, we will send the information to Worth Avenue for processing and enter a fee into our student information system and you will receive an automated email on the fee.  Any owed insurance and Chromebook damage fees will appear on the FEES tab in the CSIU Student Information System.