Wyoming Area Scholarship Information

This Website and Application forms are for use only by Wyoming Area Graduating Seniors in the Class of 2022 including students in the Wyoming Area Cyber School who will receive a Wyoming Area Diploma.

We are updating the website for the Class of 2022. We will be adding new scholarships as soon as they are developed. Check the Requirements, then look at the Scholarship Details to read more about the scholarships that interest you. Start working on your essays! 

Feel free to contact Mrs. Fedor or Mrs. Klepadlo if you need help. You can call Mrs. Rabel at the WA Secondary Center (Ext. 2339) and give her your name and phone number and one of us will call you back!

Please Note: Some of the scholarships here have important changes made to them since last year. New scholarships are being added. Continue to check this site for any additional scholarships. 

To the right is a listing of each scholarship and the requirements to apply.  Please click the SCHOLARSHIP for the back story behind each one.  Each scholarship has its own unique story on how it came about and a lot of time has gone into the preparation of these scholarships to benefit our WASD students and families. To download the applications, requirements, and other helpful documents, click on the FORMS & DOWNLOADS link.  Please enjoy our Scholarship Website!!!

Scholarship Requirements 

A completed application packet for each scholarship for which you are applying must be handed to Mrs. Rabel by 2:30 on Wednesday January 12, 2022.  NO EXCEPTIONS! Each packet must include the completed application form, references, resume, labeled essay (name of scholarship and your name or 3 initials – only first, middle and last name initials for Kaufer & Speicher Scholarships), 1 recommendation letter (2 for Russo Award), acceptance letter, and appropriate addendum forms. 

Paper clip each scholarship packet individually (DO NOT staple) and attach a post-it note stating the name of the scholarship to each packet. 

One Complete Packet with a signed cover sheet is also due to Mrs. Rabel in the guidance office by Wednesday, January 12, 2022 by 2:30 pm.  If you are not having classes in the school at this time, be sure to call Mrs. Rabel (570-655-2836 ext.2339) at the high school and make an appointment to hand in your applications. Call her a week ahead to be sure your applications are in on time.   

 Each COMPLETE APPLICATION must include: 

o    The signed completed cover sheet listing the total # of scholarship, 

o    The completed general application form, 

o    Labeled essays (All essays of the scholarships you applied for), 

o    Resume, 

o    References, 

o    Recommendation letter(s), 

o    School/college acceptance letter and 

o    Appropriate addendum forms required for scholarships you applied for.

Thank you to all our wonderful donors that make this possible!

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