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The District is encouraging 3 sessions per day (Each session is based on the student’s grade level. K-2= 10 minutes per session; Grades 3-6= 25 minutes per session; Grades 7-8= 35 minutes per session; Grades 9-12= 40 minutes per session).  



This app is one of the most popular language learning apps. Duolingo offers a variety of games and other creative ways to learn the basics of a language. When you download Duolingo, you’ll quickly become addicted! The best part — this app is completely free. Duolingo also promises it’ll stay free forever. So you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.  Duolingo works on iPhone, Windows and Android phones. If you have a smartphone, chances are you can use Duolingo. To get started, choose from one of these six languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese. Create a profile and choose basic or advanced (only choose advanced if you’ve studied the language before).



If you want to learn one language, Open Culture is a great option, especially if DuoLingo doesn’t offer the language you want to learn. Open Culture has 48 language options available. You can learn languages such as Russian, Mandarin, Icelandic and Gaelic. Open Culture also has an option to download mp3 files. During the language learning process, hearing the language is important. And this option benefits those who prefer learning a new language by hearing and speaking it. Open Culture gives you a full understanding of the language you’re learning; you’ll be able to hear, speak, read and write in a new language.



If you only want to learn the basics of a language, try Babbel. This service offers 14 languages.

These include English, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish. With Babbel, you learn how to speak, read and write in your new language.

Babbel formed in 2007 and received massive attention in Europe. The website and app are beginning to gain popularity in the United States. Because of its massive European following, Babbel is the top-grossing language learning app.

The reason why it’s recommended for basic language learning is that the basic course is the only free course. If you enjoy Babbel enough to learn the advanced language, you’ll pay for the whole year. Prices start at $6.95.



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