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Important K-3 Information 

Thank you to all kindergarten through third grade parents/guardians who have completed the survey about a return to school.   It is important for you to have information about each platform being considered.   


Hybrid Platform 

Students would return to school at the Kindergarten Center or Primary Center.  The children may or may not have their current teacher since there may have to be some adjustments.  Group A would attend school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Group B would attend school on Thursday and Friday. Students attendance days would depend upon the area where they live.  The school day will be from 8:35 AM to 3:35 PM.  The days students are not in school, lessons will be uploaded to their Chromebooks. 

Students will have individual desk shields. Students would wear masks throughout the day with regular mask breaks.  Lunch would be held in the cafeteria with social distancing.  Temperatures of all would be taken upon arrival to school.  PPE will be provided.  Safety precautions and cleaning precautions will be in place.  Students riding on buses must wear masks. 

This goal is to have this plan in place for November 12, 2020.  The successful implementation of this plan will be dependent upon the status of the Covid virus.  The goal is to keep all safe and healthy, therefore this plan may be changed at any time.  


Virtual Platform

Students would continue to utilize their chromebooks at home with live streaming from an assigned teacher.  The teacher may not be the teacher your child currently has since some teachers will need to teach virtually while others are in the actual classroom. This option will allow parents/guardians to keep their children in a home environment.


K-3 Parent/Guardian Survey (2nd Edition)

You are asked to complete this survey indicating your final choice of an educational platform.  The choice will allow the district to finalize plans.  Please return your choice by Wednesday, October 21st.

K-6 Report Card Update 

Dear K - 6 Families, 
Please be advised grading for the first marking period will reflect an S, NI, or U... Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, or Unsatisfactory.
This will help our elementary students due to the inconsistencies of connectivity issues experienced. 

Google Classroom Update

Chromebook Basic Instructional Guide

Chrome OS Update Tutorial Video

Secondary Attendance Update 9-28-00

If you have any account issues or concerns, please email  The IT Department is working daily with Registration and each building to ensure that all newly enrolled students have Google accounts created.  Information on login pattern and Google Classroom tutorials are available on the STUDENTS link from the district website or direct as follows...


Click to view District CalendarsBus SchedulesBoard Policies, and other important district documents.


Please click the REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT link for information and instructions on how to register your student for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Children must be five years old by August 31, 2020 to enter kindergarten, inclusive and without exception.  See the Press Release below for details...

Press Release Kindergarten Online Registration 2020-2021

For safety reasons, the district is not accepting registrations in person. 

School Safety

Wyoming Area School District strives to maintain strong safety and security measures for all students and staff.  Many measures have been in place and will continue to be evaluated.  Any parent, student, or community member who wishes to meet and discuss their concerns with the Superintendent may contact Mrs. Janet Serino at 570-655-3733 ext. 2426.

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