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Wyoming Area School District Senior Information

Welcome to the new Wyoming Area School District Senior Information Pages.

Click the links to the left for Calendar Updates, News Articles, etc.  The senior events are listed below along with class information.  You can also see the events listed on the calendar and download the calendar from the Downloads section of this department. 

Graduation 2017 Graduation Information (Updated 6/15/17)

Final Practice on Friday on June 16, 2017

  • Meet in Gym for attendance
  • Starting promptly at 8:30 am
  • Full Run through in Gym
  • Full Run through at the Stadium
  • Distribute Tickets for Inside Graduation
  • Deadline for submitting Video and Photography orders

Student Dress for Ceremony

  • Gentlemen- Recommend dress pants (Black preferred), Shirt and Tie, Black Shoes.
  • Ladies- Light Colored Dress (White Preferred) or pants, sensible shoes (Be Careful with high heels- They can get caught in the track or turf when walking)

Ceremony Information


  • Students gather dressed in their caps/gowns at 6:00 pm.
  • Line up on the Visitor Side of the Track.
  • Procession starts exactly at 7:00 pm.


  • All Call will be sent by 5:00 pm to announce if the Ceremony is being moved to the Gym. Update will also be posted on the WA Website.
  • Students report to the Auditorium by 7:00 pm to line up
  • There will 5 tickets for each student’s family to attend the inside ceremony (There may be limited additional tickets available- Contact Dr. Pollard after Friday’s Practice)
  • Each person coming will need a ticket to enter the gym, regardless of age.
  • There will be overflow seating available in the Auditorium where ceremony will be broadcasted. Tickets are not needed for the overflow seating area
  • Doors for seating in the Gym open at 6:00 pm

 See the Live Stream Link posted below for viewing from home and mobile devices

(Data charges may apply)


Senior Calendar of Events 2016-2017


WA Class of 2017 InfoAdvisor: Carmen Latona (x2266)


President……..……………………......Peter Butera

Vice President.……………………......Albert Sciandra

Secretary…….………………….……..Steven Homza

Treasurer………………………….......Ashley Donovan

Student Board Representative..….....Emily Uritz 

Assistant Social Directors.........….....Leah Moore andVictoria Webb

Senior Class Advisors........................Carmen Latona and DAMien Rutkoski


Senior Class Schedule 2016-2017



7th—Class Day Skit and Performance Submissions, Mr. Latona, Room 266

13th—Final Class Day Skit and Performance Submissions, Mr. Latona, Room 266

18th—Class Day Practice, 4:15PM, Auditorium

22nd—Senior Class Saturday Make-up Hours, 9AM, Auditorium

25th—Class Day Practice, 4:15PM, Auditorium

27th—National Honors Society Induction



1st—Class Day Practice, 5:30PM, Auditorium/AP Chem. Test

2nd—Class Day Practice, 4:15PM, Auditorium/AP Physics Test

4th—AP Gov. Test

5th—Spring Fling, Grades 9-12, Semi-Casual Dance/Prom Fundraiser

8th—Class Day Practice, 5:30PM, Auditorium/AP Bio. Test

9th—Class Day Practice, 4:15PM, Auditorium/AP Calc. Test

10th—AP English Test

12th—AP Euro Test

15th—Class Day Practice cancelled

16th—Class Day Practice, 4:15PM, Auditorium

19th—English Final

20th—Senior Class Saturday Hours, 9AM, Auditorium

      —Class Day Practice, 8AM, Auditorium

22nd—Social Studies Final

23rd—Social Studies Final

24th—AP Physics/Physics Trip, Six Flags

25th—English Final, Scholarship Dinner, 5PM

26th—Deadline for Class Poem/Song Submissions

           Award Ceremony 8:30 AM

           Junior/Senior Prom, Woodlands, 6PM-10PM, photos start at 5PM

30th—Senior Class Photos, 8AM, Auditorium

          Class Day Practice, 4:15PM, Auditorium, Science Final

31st—Science Final


1st—Math Finals, Quilting Show, 4PM

2nd—Math Finals

3rd—Saturday, Class Day Practice, 11:15AM, Auditorium

7th—Deadline for All Senior Obligations  

9th—Graduation Practice, 8:15AM

9th—Graduation Practice, 8AM, Senior Picnic, 9AM

10th—Saturday, Graduation Practice/Senior Make-up Hours, 9AM, Auditorium

10th—Saturday, Class Day Practice, after Graduation Practice, Auditorium  

11th—Baccalaureate Mass, 10:30AM

12th—Graduation Practice, 8:30AM

12th—Class Day

13th—Junior Class/AP English Trip, New York City, Metropolitan Museum of Art

14th—Senior Class Trip, Dorney Park

15th—Graduation Practice, 8:30AM

16th—Graduation Practice, 8:30AM

16th—Graduation Ceremony, 7PM (Jake Sobeski Stadium)

          Inclement Weater - Graduation Ceremony, 8PM (Secondary Center Gymnasium) 

16th—All Night Party



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