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Betsy O'Malley, Cafeteria Supervisor


Phone: 570-655-2261
Beginning March 22nd 2021, meal distributions that currently are on Tuesdays and Thursdays will change to Mondays Only for the remainder of the school year!
Virtual students will receive 5 days worth of meals.
Hybrid students will receive 3 days worth of meals.
Pickup will be at the Secondary Center from 11am to 1:30pm
Welcome to the WASD Food Services Department Website.  The district currently uses the PCS Revenue Controls POS system which integrates with PayPams for automated account balance payments for food service use.  Information is listed below on this service along with instructions on how to setup an account to access or apply funds.  
Click MENUS AND FORMS to view the district lunch menus, applications, forms, instructions, and other important Food Service related documents.
There are 3 ways to make payments on your child's account:
1. Checks - made payable to Wyoming Area Cafeteria
(*Please be sure to write your child's name in the memo section of the check)
2. Payments online via PayPAMS (See Information Below)
3. Cash .
PayPAMS is a third party vendor making it possible for parents/guardians to make electronic payments for your student's cafeteria account. PayPAMS is a completely separate computerized system for use by WA's Food Services Department.  This is a secure site.

Login or Register to PayPAMS.

Features of PayPAMS system are:

- Schedule e-mail notifications of account low-balance

- View your child's cafeteria PIN# account via the website

- Monitor your child's daily food purchases in the cafeteria

- Check the account balance in your child's account

- Make payments on-line using VISA, MasterCard, or Discover for a nominal fee of $1.95/transaction through PayPAMS

- Schedule automatic payments based on account balances

- Reduce the chance of lost money by making payments directly into your child's PIN# account for the cafeteria


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