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Welcome to our Cyber Connection!!!
Janet Serino
Janet Serino

For many years, we, at Wyoming Area, have known that the secret to our District's success and our students' achieving at high levels, is due, in part, to the involvement of our parents in their child's education.  This has been demonstrated consistently over the years in the Pennsylvania School System Assessment (PSSA) results and in the distinguished college placements and scholastic awards that our students have achieved.
It is my pleasure to inform you that we have taken steps to further enhance our home school connection with the onset of our Wyoming Area website,
As you are aware, school websites are nothing new; however, at Wyoming Area, we plan to offer a website that posts not only static information such as sporting event schedules, student policies, school calendars and lunch menus, but also a website to increase the lines of communication with parents.
We have posted individual teacher websites listing any special classroom assignments/projects, weekly homework assignments, monthly educational sites for parents to peruse and teacher e-mail addresses, allowing parents to communicate with teachers anytime and anywhere where Internet access is available.  With today's working families and the busy work schedules we all have, I am sure this cyber connection will be well received.
Also, we have taken a quantum leap forward with our state of the art technology where students are able to access integrated software programs in language arts and math from home.  This will extend learning across the school and into the home for the first time in the history of our District for all students.
As you can imagine, we are excited about the vast opportunities that technology brings to education, and with nearly 70 million households in the United States having online access at home, we feel this will be well received. 

Again, welcome and thanks for visiting our site.  I'm looking forward to working with you in this initiative.


Janet Serino



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