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Enable Flash Google Chrome

This is a brief demonstration video on how to manually enable Flash in Google Chrome for websites that require it.  Its managed on a per user basis so its easier for each end user to select to enable Flash if the website requires. it.

Teacher Connect Gradebook Calculation

The link above illustrates how to access your Teacher Connect gradebook and calculate your grades based on how your gradebook is setup for Assignments, Tests, Quizzes, etc.  This can be a pre-requisite step before grade entry.  Now that we are using a Standards Based gradebook, there's going to be an option shown in Marking Period 2 on how to attach a graded course to a standard which will automatically copy calculated grades into your gradebook entry each semester.

Teacher Connect Grade Entry (Learning Standards)

The link above is a video that demonstrates the data entry portion of your gradebooks after your calculations are completed.  There are examples using the Homeroom course to enter Conduct and Progress and entering grades from remaining courses on your schedule.

Printing SBRC Report Cards

This is a video demonstration from CSIU on how to Run the new SBRC report cards and print them by Student, Staff, or Grade Level.  An instruction guide will also be provided to each building to use as a reference when printing each marking period.

Assignment Next Year Entry on Gradebook

This brief video is an excerpt from a 1st grade instructors gradebook and will demonstrate how to use the manual or canned comments to include the Assignment Next Year option on the MP4 report card.  For Kindergarten, this will print on the 2nd page below Attendance and for the Primary/Intermediate Centers, it will print at the top below the WA logo to the left.

Clear GOOGLE Web Browsing History

The following video demonstrates how to clear your Google web browsing history and clean your web browser.  Most website cache history along with page content and can cause problems if something is cached incorrectly.  Please watch this video and follow the instructions in order to clean your browser history periodically.

Creating Bookmarks in Google Chrome

The video link from this section will demonstrate how to create BOOKMARKS using Google Chrome for websites you frequently visit.  This is a nice feature because of the LINK DATA capabilities in Google and your Bookmarks and web history will follow you when using different computers and your WASD Google credentials

Google Gmail Display Settings

This video demonstrates how to adjust the new Gmail view for 2018/2019 to COMPACT view which is close to the original Classic View.

Google Suite Staff Resources
 Google GSuite
Google GSuite

Here are a few resources that may help your staff work with Google.


Google Teacher Center       /      YouTube Explanation of Teacher Center


Google Teacher Center Training


Google Teacher Center Resources (Getting Started)


Resource Guide Downloads from Google Drive

How Set Up Classroom Guide

60 Tools for Chromebooks

Grading a Google Forms Quiz

Back to School with Classroom

 Google Education YouTube Channel

Google Drive Tutorial 2017

Click the link for a demonstration video by Anson Alexander on the exclusive use of Google Drive as part of the Google Docs suite.  He offers an excellent series of YouTube videos which demonstrate the entire Google suite.

Google Classroom Student Tutorial

Click the link for a demonstration on the student view and operation of Google Classroom.  This YouTube video was conducted by Melodi Kunn and its an excellent overview of the basic operation of Google Classroom from a student perspective.

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