I am your Curriculum Director and Asst. Special Education Director, Bobby Galella. I share a video with you (located under "News" within the Curriculum Corner of the district website) in an effort for all of us who make up the Wyoming Area school community to re-evaluate all that we have been through together since schools closed on Friday, March 13th of 2020. No matter if you are a parent, legal guardian, student, school board director, or employed by WASD as a cleaner, hall monitor, constable, police officer, custodian, maintenance, food service, paraprofessional, psychologist, nurse, personal care aide, kindergarten aide, social worker, teacher, school counselor, secretary, student teacher, substitute teacher, or administrator - we have together struggled through the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us with. We as families have been forced into making adjustments for our daily living and working conditions. For our students, they have been forced into making adjustments as well from an Academic and extracurricular perspective.

Through collaboration and every decision we have made and continue to make - you have to believe me when I say; the focus of our decision-making was 3 fold: Is it safe for students and staff? Is it attainable for our students? Is it attainable for our teachers? Have mistakes been made? Absolutely! Have we learned from our mistakes? Absolutely! Have we listened to all feedback from the community and district employees? Absolutely! Have we learned that when a crisis occurs; strong opinions are all different because it’s human nature to not look at the big picture but is human nature for us as parents to look at how it’s impacting our own family and not the school community at large and we understand that… again, it’s human nature to fight for what affects us personally- especially when it come to our own sons and daughters.

However, we who represent all genders, all cultures, all ages, and all the people of the Wyoming Area SD - we need to take every aspect of our actions and decisions so very seriously because of dealing with this crisis that has affected our own members of the Wyoming Area school district family even before the reopening with the Hybrid plan where our own students, staff and former WA loved ones have become very ill or even passed away. So when dealing with ALL children who fortunately do not have an illness or medical condition or with children who fall into different mild to severe disability categories or have a mild to severe medical condition ranging in ages from 5 years old to 21 years of age - we maintain the foresight of knowing and understanding the magnitude of our actions impacting others; especially our students.

I ask for your anticipated cooperation in moving forward as a school community by continuing to voice your concerns and ask questions and request an answer to your questions - you need and should be informed of what’s taking place. This is what effective communication is all about and we will do better by being transparent and keeping you informed as families and district employees of WASD. Our faculty, staff, and administration are looking forward to seeing and hearing our 4 Center based schools noisy with student chatter and laughter beginning on April 7th.

Lastly, please remember to visit our district website at: www.wyomingarea.org and click on Curriculum Corner and “News” for further information. Please be well!