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Topic Department Phone
Pacchioni David - Principal, Primary Center Administration 570-693-1914
Serino, Janet - Superintendent Administration 570-655-3733 x2426
Pollard, Jon - Principal, Secondary Center Administration 570-655-2836 x2361
Long, Joe - Principal, Intermediate Center Administration 570-654-1404
Ranieli, Cathy - Assistant Principal, Secondary Center Administration 570-655-2836 x2344
Galella, Robert - Curriculum Director Administration 570-655-2836 x2457
Rohland, Shaun - Assistant Principal of Discipline Administration 570-655-2836 x2335
Pizano, Joe - Athletics Director Athletics 570-655-2836 x2303
Falzone, Angelo - Attendance/Transportation Director Attendance/Transportation 570-655-2836 x2346
Pugliese Jr., Frank A., Facilities Director Facilities/Maintenance 570-655-2836 x2352
Collevechio, Melissa - Food Services Director Food Services 570-655-2836 x2351
Yatsko, Robert - Middle School Counselor Guidance 570-655-2836 x2338
Moscatelli, Carla - Elementary School Counselor Guidance 570-654-1404
English, Albert - Elementary School Counselor Guidance 570-693-1914
Butler, Brian - Secondary School Counselor Guidance 570-655-2836 x2340
Ciampi, Jennifer - Secondary School Counselor Guidance 570-655-2836 x2239
Alberigi, Chris - Police Officer Police 570-655-2836 x2360
Pepsin, Joann - Principal, Kindergarten Center / Asst Spec Ed Director Special Education 570-655-2836 x2224
Nee, Vanessa - Special Education Director Special Education 570-655-2836 x2245
Jones, Jason - Technology Director Technology 570-655-2836 x2460
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