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The District is encouraging 3 sessions per day (Each session is based on the student’s grade level. K-2= 10 minutes per session; Grades 3-6= 25 minutes per session; Grades 7-8= 35 minutes per session; Grades 9-12= 40 minutes per session).  

Kid in Story Book Maker

Easy-to-make personalized stories can help boost social skills.  A must-have story creation tool for teachers in special-needs settings. Grades: Pre-K–1 Price: $6.99

Todo Math: School Edition

One arithmetic app fulfills the needs of many learners.  A variety of strategies and accommodations make this app classroom-ready for a variety of levels and abilities.  Grades: Pre-K–2 Price: $119.99

Skill Champ

Foundational-skills-practice tool supports specific learning needs.  Well-designed tool for targeted foundational skills practice.  Grades: Pre-K–3 Price: Free

Autism Core Skills School Edition: Academic, Communication, and Social Skills Plus Data

Robust app combines high-quality lessons with handy quantitative data.  Academic and social lessons are worth the purchase price for the amount of depth and data produced.  Grades: Pre-K–10 Price: $9.99

Birdhouse for Teachers

Teacher-parent organization tool keeps kids with disabilities on track.  If everyone involved has web access and keeps up to date, kids with special needs will benefit.  Grades: Pre-K–12 Price: Free, Paid 



Unique digital library gives access to those with print disabilities.  This fantastic digital library service provides a powerful sense of independence for students with print-related disabilities.  Grades: Pre-K–12 Price: Free, Paid 

Children with Autism: A Visual Schedule

Simple, wearable calendar and task tool could be great for some.  This is a usefully customizable spin on visual timers, but the cool wearable version is accessible to very few students.  Grades: Pre-K–12 Price: $12.99

First Then Visual Schedule HD

Useful multisensory tool teaches self-direction and follow-through.  This simple but powerful tool engages kids in independently following a schedule.  Grades: Pre-K–12 Price: Paid 

Goalbook Toolkit

Set tailored targets with pricey but worth-it kit of tools, strategies.  You pay for quality with Goalbook Toolkit, including access to clear, well-crafted learning goals and strategies that allow for far easier differentiation.

Social Story Creator Educators

Create multimedia stories that help with social skills.  Solid and very simple app for kids with social challenges.  Grades: Pre-K–12 Price: Free to try, Paid 

Articulation Station

Pricey but definitely worth it for kids struggling with pronunciation.  For helping students with letter and word pronunciation, this highly valuable tool is worth the cost.  Grades: K–2 Price: Free to try 

Touch and Learn - Emotions

Free app helps kids identify emotions, recognize body language.  Bridges the gap between feeling or witnessing emotions and using words to describe them.  Grades: K–2 Price: $1.99 

Dexteria Dots - Get in Touch with Math

Ingenious, intuitive way for kids to learn and practice the basics. Fun, innovative math tool engages and helps a variety of learners practice and build fluency.  Grades: K–3 Price: $2.99

Social Adventures

Expert-approved activities nurture students' social skills.  A treasure chest of social-skills-building activities created by speech and language pros that are worth the high price and need for facilitation.  Grades: K–3 Price: 


Themed scripts help kids practice successful social exchanges.  For speech-language pathologists, this is a must-have tool for helping kids learn conversation skills.  Grades: K–6 Price: $19.99



Brilliant tool helps kids with speech difficulties communicate.  The price is hefty, but Proloquo2Go carries its weight by providing students and teachers an effective, one-of-a-kind communication tool. Grades: K–12 Price: Paid 



Useful text-to-speech app and extension unlocks the written word.   A valuable tool to make classroom use of websites and digital documents more accessible to all students.  Grades: K–12 Price: Free to try 

Scan and Read Pro

Easily scan, read, and study texts regardless of reading level.  This is a powerful tool to support students' independence in reading, studying, and test-taking at any level.  Grades: K–12 Price: Contact for a quote.


Seeing AI

Free app uses AI to communicate the world to visually impaired kids. Students who are blind or have visual impairments will likely find this multifunctional tool to be a welcome and useful shift from more limited apps.

Stick Pick

Differentiate, engage with assessment app aimed at higher-order skills.  Useful reinvention of a classic means of encouraging student attention with the added bonus of support for higher-order thinking and response tracking.


Utilitarian app IDs objects for kids with visual impairments.  While it could use some improvements, this is a useful, free app for helping students gain independence.  Grades: K–12 Price: Free


Visual lessons reinforce concepts for students with special needs.  Thoughtful but dated tool helps with differentiation and progress-tracking for students with autism.  Grades: K–12 Price: Free to try, Paid 



Fabulous tool can help kids create social stories.  Pictello is a great way for kids to create social stories that can help them find their unique voice and prepare for internal and external struggles.  Grades: 1–5 Price: $19.99

CAST UDL Book Builder

Sensitively designed so any student can write and share books. CAST UDL Book Builder is an excellent resource to get kids started on digital content creation; it's simple and straightforward and caters to a variety of learning styles.

Time Timer

Manage and conceptualize time with great visuals, a few bugs. A decent option for visual timer needs, being sufficiently customizable, but there are still a few bugs and room for improvement.  Grades: 1–12 Price: Paid 


Draw kids into weekly news with powerful symbols and voice narration.  Students can expand literacy skills, learn about the world, and get involved with discussion questions and activities.  Grades: 2–6 Price: $1.99 per newspaper; $54.99 per year 


Experiential game teaches empathy toward those with autism.  Lessons on inclusion and community in the classroom require post-game facilitated discussion for deep learning.  Grades: 2–6 Price: Free


Mindprint Learning

Expert feedback and tools designed for individual learner profiles.  This impressive tool uses normed digital assessments to create a specific learning profile and provide authentic tools for individual learners.  Grades: 2–12 Price: Free, Paid 



Blank virtual grid sheets assist students with mathematical notation.  Clear and precise app that allows students to focus on calculation, not number formation.  Grades: 2–12 Price: Free

Choiceworks Calendar

Empowering calendar tool alleviates transition anxiety.  Great structure, lots of visual choices, and ease of use make this tool a worthwhile investment.  Grades: 3–9 Price: $4.99


Natural text-to-speech tool helps kids with reading difficulties.  The simple interface and natural-sounding voice can empower many types of kids, those with difficulties in reading or those with cognitive disabilities.  Grades: 3–12 Price: Free, Paid 


BeeLine Reader

A surprisingly simple tool to improve reading.  This is a unique, easy-to-implement reading fluency and comprehension aid that's gaining some evidence of effectiveness.  Grades: 4–12 Price: Free, Paid 

Hall of Heroes

Responsive game helps students prepare for transition to middle school.  Wonderful and fun social-interaction game designed to teach cooperation and friendship skills needed for middle school and beyond.  Grades: 5–8 Price: Free to try, Paid 

The Mood Meter

Well-designed tool encourages kids to reflect on and manage emotions.  Appealing, thought-provoking tool builds emotional intelligence.  Grades: 6–12 Price: $0.99


Customizable tool provides valuable practice with social interactions.  Engaging way to practice peer conversations on tricky topics.

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